Episode 8

Angus McDonald, Co-Founder and CEO of Cover Genius, shares his journey of building a truly global embedded insurance company. Amazing lessons abound!

Episode 7

This episode is a little different–all about people and culture. Crystal Boysen, Chief People Officer at Vimeo, imparts valuable people lessons at a time when they’re particularly in demand.

Episode 6

Ifty Kerzner, Founder and President of Kissterra, entertains while discussing insurance marketing, pop music in Israel, Kissterra perfume and wine, and everything in between.

Episode 5

Meredith Guerriero

Meredith Guerriero, COO of Klover, discusses how they’re empowering consumers to put their personal data to work to make better and easier financial decisions.

Episode 4

Jimmy Chen

Jimmy Chen, CEO of Propel, shares the mission, vision, and story of the Providers app, which serves low-income Americans often overlooked by tech innovation.

Episode 3

Thomas Smyth

Hear from Thomas Smyth, CEO of Trim. His financial health tool analyzes your spending, uncovering ways to help you save.

Episode 2

David Green

Learn from David Green, CEO of Earnest, a tech-driven student loan company whose mission is to give all borrowers a fair chance to pay off their debt.

Episode 1

Yahya Moktarzada

Yahya Moktarzada, CRO and Founder of Truebill, talks about this tool—a fintech app that enables users to “supercharge” their finances using automatic features.